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The 6 volcanic peaks at the north end of the country are the homeland of the famous silverback gorillas, which are rare in the world. These peaks also shade Rwanda's highest-growing coffee trees. With the minerals in this volcanic soil, which receives sunlight and rain well, coffee fruits turn into a unique flavor with cherry, honey, currant and lively acidic aromas. Virunga is a special coffee where you will encounter surprises in every sip.

  • ORIGIN : Rwanda

  • REGION : Virunga

  • KIND : Bourbon  

  • HEIGHT: 2.200m

  • CORE SIZE: 16+

  • PROCESS : Fully washed

  • Dominant Aromas: Sweet, clear, strawberry

  • CERTIFICATE NOTE: Cup Of Excellence lot  # 8.6

The six volcanic peaks at the northern tip of the country are home to the famous silverback mountain gorillas. These peaks also shade Rwanda's highest-grown coffee beans.

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