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Coffee has never 

been just coffee.

Coffee has never been just ' coffee'

Coffee is to distinguish the beautiful from the not beautiful;


It is having an idea, about the world, about life, about politics, about men and women, about art. Giving way in traffic, opening a door for a woman, worrying about others, being sad, being a gentleman.

Roast'n Berry

produces only and only specialty coffee

Our passion for coffee has been going on for generations. We grow it for you, harvest it and pass it through very special processes in our washing facilities.

We offer our coffees, which we have meticulously roasted with special recipes inherited from years of experience, to our coffee friends, in specially designed packages that provide one-way air flow so that they can preserve their surprising aroma for a long time.

Roast'n Berry is now

In Turkey

We aim to deliver this flavor, which we are trying to convey from Rwanda to the whole world, especially these coffees, which are familiar to our friends who are picky about coffee, to coffee lovers in Turkey.


When we came to Turkey, we saw that coffee lovers who have consumed coffee until now really want to drink good coffee that does not cause heart palpitations and does not upset their stomachs, they research, they learn, they know. How is a good coffee, where is it grown, what processes does it go through, how is it roasted, how is it brewed?

Roast'n Berry entered the Turkish market with Bourbon Arabica coffees produced in 6 different regions in Rwanda. These coffees, which are delicious and have different aromas, were appreciated in a short time and took their place among the specialty coffees. Because these coffees were already chosen by experts as one of the 10 most beautiful coffees in the world.

And love is coffee,

love is truck

To love, to be loved without fear. To love so much that it is possible to walk away for love when necessary. Loneliness is when it comes to time, and when the time comes it means not to be alone, to share, not to be alone, not to be left alone. To be many, to live life rather than to live in life is to be aware, coffee.

Roast'n Berry

coffee and accessories

step into your unique experience...

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