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Mibirizi is named after the Bourbon coffee trees brought to the Kivu region of Rwanda, and is also referred to as the cooperative representing the first coffee production mission in the country. These coffees contain chocolate, red apple, red grape, floral flavors and fruit flavors that are generally preferred by Turkish coffee lovers .


Mibirizi Bourbon coffees are shown as one of the top 10 coffees in the world with a tasting score of over 90.

  • ORIGIN : Rwanda

  • REGION : Mibirizi

  • KIND: Bourbon

  • HEIGHT: 1.800m

  • CORE SIZE: 16+

  • PROCESS : Fully washed

  • Dominant Aromas: Chocolate, acidic, floral, fruit flavors

  • CERTIFICATE NOTE: Cup Of Excellence lot  # 8.6

Although the name Mibirizi is the name of the coffee production mission in Rwanda, it is also referred to as the Bourbon coffee trees grown in the Kivu region. 

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