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The Central Rift valley in Rwanda is home to coffee trees that grow at 2200 meters. These lands span the Nygunye rainforest to the bottomless slopes of the Nybaronga river to the Virunga volcanic mountains.


Thanks to the ideal conditions in this region, the coffee trees that grow here give us coffee beans with soft taste, pecan nut, blackberry and floral aromas.

  • ORIGIN : Rwanda

  • REGION : Kizi Rift

  • KIND: Bourbon

  • HEIGHT: 2.000- 2.200m

  • CORE SIZE: 16+

  • PROCESS : Fully washed

  • Dominant Aromas: Pecan, blackberry, strawberry, floral 

  • CERTIFICATE NOTE: Cup Of Excellence lot  # 8.6

Central Rift Valley in Rwanda 2000-2200 meters high is home to coffee fields. These terrains span from the Nygungwe Rainforest in the south to the bottomless depressions of the Nybarongo River to the Virunga volcanic Mountain.

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