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“Those who prefer to live life rather than living in life ...”

' Why am I not happy?' One day I was asking the question, which I had been asking very often, I realized that I had finally defined the problem. I didn't think about what this life meant. I realized that I didn't enjoy living, I just let it flow. I couldn't control my life, it was controlling me, directing me. I was doing the same things every day. What I call my job has become my life. I used to get up in the morning and go to work, work late and come home to sleep. At best, I was hanging out with friends for a bit and then coming home and sleeping. Same things, same people, same places. I had become a boring person, and most importantly, even I was bored with myself. Years later I realized that I was actually doing nothing for myself. Why did I come to this life? What was I dreaming of? I would travel the world, meet new people, discover new places. I would change the world. Look at me!

When a person can define the problem, he starts to solve it. I had to change this vicious circle. I work better during working hours now. I don't continue to work after the shift is over. That sentence you heard in a movie kept replaying in my head. 'How can you have time if you don't make time?' I am trying to realize my dreams that I have always postponed. I started traveling more. Day trips on weekends. I signed up for dance class. I bought myself a guitar. Little strumming… I set up a small workshop at home. I worked on small sculptures. I made a picture. From time to time, I started to write simple articles and scribble poetry. At first it didn't matter what I started or where I continued. The important thing was to be able to do something for myself. Then I would pick one or more of them anyway. 

What happened next? Very simple. I've become more fun. Both for myself and for others. I chat with people while drinking coffee. There is something to talk about. While talking, I look into your eyes and chat for a long time. To get to know me. I've been reading books more often. I watch more movies. I create things that make me happy. I have refined tastes. I am enjoying the life I live. I continue the sculpture that I started as a hobby. Things are not going bad. Maybe I will open an exhibition. I continue to travel both domestically and abroad.

Well ; Rather than living life, I'm living life...

This or a similar story has happened to you too, right? Maybe you want it to pass. We are all bored in the period we live in, things are no longer the same as before, human quality is decreasing day by day. We find it difficult to find people who understand us, with whom we can share, and who have common tastes. We live in days when mediocrity is blessed.

There are more people in this situation than we think. If so, why don't we bring these people together? Coffee actually creates more common ground than we think. Because the person who wants to drink good coffee also likes to read books, right? Well, did you notice; The person who wants to drink good coffee is also interested in art. He either has a guitar tinkling at home, or reads poetry to relax in the evenings. She likes to travel, take photos, have quality conversations, watch movies, paint and go to exhibitions. He is not only concerned with his own troubles, but also with the troubles of the world.

We wanted to create a platform where we can bring these people together. We called it Roast'n Berry Exclusive (R&B Exclusive). We will share our articles, poems, paintings, sculptures and photographs on this platform. Of course, of a certain quality. We will hold workshops on various subjects on Thursday evenings. Sometimes it will be about sculpture, sometimes painting, sometimes photography, and sometimes poetry. We will diversify and develop together with our participants.

In short, in R&B Exclusive, we will have associations and sharings about all the issues that make this life livable.

R&B Exclusive 



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